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Quick Guide to SEO for Drupal

I wrote this in 2009 for another blog, but thought it would be good include here.

Here’s what Drupal has for keyword extraction:


Here’s a comparison of these 2 modules: No. 1, Integrated Metatags, is still in beta but about 707 projects are using it anyway.

Here’s 2 lists/overviews of Drupal’s most popular modules for SEO:

1. (Feb. 2009)
2. (Jun. 2008)

A presentation given at Drupalcamp, Colorado, on SEO: (Jun. 2009)

Lastly, a tutorial on SEO optimization: (Sept. 2006)

Lastly, a couple other new SEO modules:

1. (Mar. 2009)
2. (Apr. 2009)

Balance and Equanimity: a Website Case Study

KKC-KDOL is a Buddhist Sangha in Burnaby. I designed and themed this site for a friend who built it using Drupal. I started with the Zen theme. Zen is a barebones theme you can use if you want to implement your own design, rather than use one of the many pre-made designs available for Drupal. I’m pretty happy with the way this inexpensive site turned out, which is why I’m writing about it.

What I’m going to do in the following is go through the elements of the site and explain why they work; specifically, I will talk about colour, fonts and imagery. Continue reading Balance and Equanimity: a Website Case Study