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Quick Guide to SEO for Drupal

I wrote this in 2009 for another blog, but thought it would be good include here.

Here’s what Drupal has for keyword extraction:


Here’s a comparison of these 2 modules: No. 1, Integrated Metatags, is still in beta but about 707 projects are using it anyway.

Here’s 2 lists/overviews of Drupal’s most popular modules for SEO:

1. (Feb. 2009)
2. (Jun. 2008)

A presentation given at Drupalcamp, Colorado, on SEO: (Jun. 2009)

Lastly, a tutorial on SEO optimization: (Sept. 2006)

Lastly, a couple other new SEO modules:

1. (Mar. 2009)
2. (Apr. 2009)