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Bitcoin’s Baby

Note: reposted from (where it’s getting a lot of traction):

Forget about Crypto-Currency, Here Comes Crypto-Finance

If you’ve been following the Bitcoin movement, you’ve seen it grow, since its inception five years ago, from idealogical experiment to fully-fledged currency with its own ATM machines, billionaire investors and billion dollar marketplace and yes, place on the world stage. You’ve seen the introduction of bitcoin-mining specific hardware (that costs more than many people can afford). You’ve seen Silk Road, Overstock, massive heists and massive problems, regulations and crackdowns by various governments and organizations while others embrace, or allow — while they look for ways to make money off — or regulate it. You’ve seen the creation of Bitcoin alternatives from Litecoin to Dogecoin and the ill-fated Coinye, to the recent Icelandic nationalized Auroracoin; in short, you’ve seen incredible growth for this experiment in virtual, decentralized currency but, I believe, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Continue reading Bitcoin’s Baby