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"One of the people who know more about Drupal theming, trends in Drupal, what we see coming in Drupal 7 - interface design stuff; cross-browser theming."

Numerous times, I'm looking at a problem and (she's) got experience with a module that can address that problem."

Scott Nelson, and
Project Manager,
Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network

"Unique ideas, full of character, that really conveyed the overall identity of our group."

"Any client would be very privileged and lucky to have Malcolm on board as a design adviser and should invest a very high level of confidence in her abilities."

Peter Gordon,
Founding Member,
Open Web Vancouver Conference

"Initially, we were worried about the cost of Cutelab’s services; however, Malcolm’s speed, efficiency, ability to explain things in layman’s terms – which was reflected in the user-friendliness of our site - make me recommend her heartily."

Rachel Marcuse, Executive Director,
Coalition of Progressive Electors

"FCV was looking for a contractor that had proven skill in Drupal theming and would require no ramp/up or training...

"Malcolm is a good communicator and easy person to work with. She has a positive attitude and was a team player right off the bat.

"FCV would recommend. We had a great experience and hope to work together again in the future."

Derek Whyte, VP of Operations,

"Very easy to navigate. People already have a hard enough time finding things - why make it more tricky?"

The quality was very good, very user-friendly."

(Malcolm is) "ever helpful, ever dependable."

"I would recommend Malcolm in a heartbeat."

Matt Burrows, Project Manager and Board Member,
Kagyu Kunkhyab Chuling

"Malcolm has a good artistic/aesthetic sense and is knowledgeable about the many complexities of web design and drupal management. Good value, good design."

Bill Sheehan, Executive Director,
Product Policy Institute

"I do not hesitate to recommend (Malcolm)… and look forward to working with her in the future."

Phillip Djwa, Strategy and Planning,

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