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Open Web Conference 2009
Open Web Vancouver Conference, 2009 - a Coat of Arms for a modern guild.
Open Web Conference 2008
This logo grew out of a stylized "O" from "Open" and "W" from "Web.
Open Web Conference Skull Logo
This logo also grew out of a stylized "O" from "Open and "W" from "Web".
Logo for a locally-made, anti-sweatshop clothing co. "Repent Sinner" is a hyper-local Vancouver phenomenon.

Vancouver PHP Conference 2007
Logo for a Green Computing conference.
Vancouver PHP Conference 2007 v.2
A web-2.0-ified update to the Association's previous conference logo.
Wicked baby wraps by Jen Yamazaki.
CuteLab wants to be your friend. In a good way.

Repent Kitty
Alternate 2007 Vancouver PHP Association conference logo. Text uses fonts from Bladerunner, the php language wordmark, business communications and James Bond.
First Nations Tek Kru
Logo for a First Nations' teens' technology club.
MVD Designs
Logo for a comedic fashion house.
Green Geek
Logo for a pop culture and current events blog.

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