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Long before "viral," there was...

Cutelab Demo Reel



Work Less Party Ad - "French Fry Mascot"

Hot Fries, Hot Menz: a guy in a freedom fries costume is rescued and taught to dance by other hot menz. You won't believe the dancing action.


Unitarian Jihad, World Peace

Two hippies practice for a 3 Arts Body Painting Competition.

Accompanying web site: WARNING: Web site version has nudity.

The Pigs and I

Combines satire and information about a web site where people can report instances of police brutality.

1 Milon Dolars, a Story of Hope and Inspiring: October

October episode from a comedy series about two people who try to make a million dollars in a year.

Normal Humans, "On the Chord"

A music video was written and shot in one night.

Dance Like Hell!

Experience some magic of a weekly dance session for nerds.



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